Welcome to Polly's Petals

As our name suggests we specialise in petals. We love the colour, the smell, the texture and the versatility of them. But most of all we love the fact that they are friendly to the environment and our bodies.

Petals have many uses, we have different sections on our website to help guide customers through the different uses. Our petals come in different grades, some are suitable for food use and some are not, it is in each description if they are suitable for decoration, food decoration, consumption or infusion. Please ask us if you have questions about suitability of our petals.


Meet the Team

Cara next to online orders

Cara Polly Franses


Cara manages the cogs of the business making sure our customers and the team are happy while moving the business forward. We all work together in the studio on production days, she feels it is so very important that everyone works with the products so they feel connected to them.


After cycling to work whatever the weather Mark looks after the finance side of the business, fixes anything technology related and loves to have walks along the cliff top and enjoy the fresh salty air of our lovely Jurassic Coast.

Polly's Petals - Jenna


A jolly and gentle member of the team, Jenna has taken on responsibility for social media along with keeping a close eye on the stock levels and helping with production. Jenna also has a busy home life as she and her husband have two small children and a friendly little dog who all like being outdoors.


Amanda helps ensure all the stock levels are correct and has an eagle eye for detail, systems and procedures.  She is mid-renovation of a glorious house with her husband and has two boys and a dog to keep her busy …


Ryan works across all areas of the business but also adds extra strength when things need to be moved.  Ryan is also a local beekeeper and is working on extending the habitats for his bees to provide a range of tastes and benefits from his honey.

Polly's Petals Team Lisa


Lisa supports all areas of the business including any IT or printer grumbles.  A Portland girl at heart she spends as much time as she can with her friends and family on the Island.

Eco Thinking

We think about the environment in everything we do… natural products are the very core of our business. How we use resources and what we put back into our surroundings is a question we must all ask ourselves. It is the very reason we started selling natural petals as wedding confetti instead of paper, plastic and foil.

As individuals and as companies we can all influence these matters. For this reason, we have tried to give as much consideration to the environment as possible in production as well as our internal environment. We are a zero-landfill business. All our waste is either recycled or incinerated to generate energy. We use as little energy as possible using basic methods like turning off lights and reuse plastics  within the studio to store products.

Our culture nurtures talent at all levels of the business and the ability to turn ideas into life. We value individuality, creativity and personal development above all else.
We aim to create an inspiring environment which allows our staff to grow and shine. We thrive on fabulous colour combinations, great smells, natural products and finding out what makes our customers smile. We encourage a strong team ethos combined with an open management culture to allow staff to meet their full potential.