Strawberry & Rose Cake


300 ml sunflower oil

1 tablespoon soft butter

325 g caster sugar

350 g flour (self raising)

4 large eggs

20g rose petal powder


To make butter icing:

250 g butter (softened)

500g butter

15g our pink, magenta or red rose petal powder

50g our strawberry powder

2 tbsp milk

This recipe was shared with us by Lizzie Baking Bird…  a local baker and friend of Polly’s Petals.



Preheat the oven 180c

Bung the whole lot in a bowl and give it a good beating!

Beat until it is all combined but don’t overdo it.

You can either cook this in one tin and cut through the middle or cook it in two lined tins (which will be quicker).

I tend to opt for one 20cm square tin.

If you are using a round tin a standard size is 20cms (may take slightly longer than square tins to cook)


To make butter icing:

Put the whole lot in the bowl (except milk) and beat like crazy.  You want a light butter icing so if you have a whisk or a mixer use that and give it a good couple of minutes.

Add the milk and beat again.

When the cake is cold, use the half the butter icing in the middle of the cake and the other half spread on top.


Decorate with all things rose…  rose buds, rose petals, fine cut flower petal sprinkles and a dusting or rose powder or strawberry powder.