Edible Whimsical Pink Mix – Pink & Red Rose Petals and Blue Cornflower Petals

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Our Edible Whimsical Pink Mix  is a gentle combination of pink and red rose petals with blue cornflower petals.
Our edible petals can used to create a unique finish to a variety of dishes, both savoury and sweet.  They are also perfect for garnishing plates too.
Foodie Flowers – Our edible petals are most often used when baking and add the wow factor when used for cake decoration.  Alternatively, try using on salads, soups or savoury dishes to add a really different pop of colour and texture.
Drinks – Try adding a sprinkle of petals to your cocktails, mocktails, shakes or hot drinks.  They add a really beautiful finishing touch to drinks and look stunning in ice cubes too.
The list is endless when it comes to using these beautiful petals so let your imagination and creativity run wild.
This is a food grade product suitable for consumption, infusion and decoration purposes.
All our products are 100% natural and additive free.
Please note we cannot guarantee that any of our products are free from allergens.
We handle mustard seeds on our site and do our utmost to avoid cross-contamination, however we cannot 100% guarantee there are no traces in our products.
Polly’s Petals is a family run business based in Dorset and as our name suggests we specialise in all things petals.  We love the colour, the smell, the texture and the versatility of them.  But most of all we love the fact that they are friendly to us and the environment.
Our petals are all mixed and packed by hand in our studio in Dorset, UK.
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