Edible Safflower Petals – Food Grade-Plant Dye-Cake Decoration-Craft Petal-Soap Making-Wax Melts

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Edible Safflower Petals

This beautiful vibrant petal is a wonderful addition to foods and can be used in many ways.

Savoury dishes – Safflower gives rice dishes an attractive yellow color, similar to the color given by saffron; this is one of the most popular ways to use safflower petals. Use it to make Mexican rice and other Latin dishes. In Filipino food – Safflower gives the Filipino dish arroz caldo its distinctive color. You will also see safflower included in atchara, which is a pickle made from green papayas. In Portuguese fish stew safflower is used with halibut or hake. Safflower is added to the stew as part of a seasoning paste.

Sweet dishes – This is such a versatile petal and is suitable for many sweet dishes like rice pudding, polenta cake, sponge cakes, banana cake, biscuits and ice-cream.

Tea – One of the easiest ways to enjoy safflower is to steep the petals in hot water to make a beverage. As an herbal tea, safflower has numerous health benefits including the ability to improve heart and bone health.

Craft – Safflower has been used by dyers for centuries. It was one of the dyes identified on early Egyptian textiles and in the East it was also used to make pigments and cosmetics. Safflower is remarkable because both a yellow and a red dye can be extracted from its petals. Also suitable for soap making, wax melts, bath products and resin work.

Packed in airtight, light resistant, re-sealable & recyclable bags that allow some of the petals to be used while the remainder can be stored in a cool place for future use.

The bags are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a cardboard postage box making an ideal gift.

Polly’s Petals is a small family run business based in Dorset and as our name suggests we specialise in all things petals. We love the colour, the smell, the texture and the versatility of them. But most of all we love the fact that they are friendly to the environment. Our petals are all mixed and packed by hand in our studio in Dorset, UK.

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