Edible Freeze Dried ‘Pink Blush’ Rose Petals – Grown & Freeze Dried In Dorset – Food Grade – Culinary – Cake – Bake -Decoration – Eco Friendly

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Edible Freeze Dried Pink Blush Rose Petals

Edible Freeze Dried Pink Blush Rose Petals

These petals are a pretty blush pink cream colour. As they are a natural plant there may be subtle shades of other colours on some petals.

Rose petals are a quintessentially British flower. These petals have a wonderful gently rose scent. They are lovely simply scattered on to culinary creations , floating in cocktails or to decorate cakes.

When we have used these petals to decorate cakes we found that no edible glue was needed, simply press the petals in to butter icing. Simple to create and stunning to look at. These freeze-dried petals are grown locally to us in Dorset UK. We clean each flower by hand and then place them on racks to go in the drier.

What is Freeze Drying? – This is a chemical free way of preserving simply by using temperature and vacuum. It is a process that takes many days.

How long will they last? – A minimum of 1 month, most petals will last longer. Each box will be individually labelled with the best before date. There are care instructions on the bag. If you keep them cool, dark and airtight they will last longer.

Do I need to refrigerate the flowers? – No, they will be fine in a cupboard.

How are they packaged? – They will arrive in a box made from plant materials and sealed in a recyclable grip seal bag which will help to preserve the flowers if you are not using them immediately. These will then be posted in a cardboard box.

Are the flowers/petals organic? – Yes

Where are the flowers grown? – Dorset, UK.

As this is a natural product the colours and shapes may vary slightly from the images shown.

This is a food grade product suitable for consumption and decoration purposes.

All our products are 100% natural and additive free.

Polly’s Petals is a family run business based in Dorset and as our name suggests we specialise in all thing’s petal. We love the colour, the smell, the texture, and the versatility of them. But most of all we love the fact that they are friendly to us and the environment.

Our petals are all mixed and packed by hand in our studio in Dorset, UK.

The is a small chance that you might find the odd tiny little harmless bug hiding between the petals that has escaped our cleaning procedures. These infrequent stowaways would be freeze dried too.

PLEASE NOTE: Some flowers contain pollen so please keep this in mind if you have a severe hay fever allergy. Some edible flowers are also part of the mustard, celery, or onion family so if you or your guests are allergic to these the flowers should be avoided. We would also like to caution pregnant or breast-feeding women, small children and the elderly or vulnerable should be cautious when eating flowers for the first time. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of our flower and petals.

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