Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Magic Colour Changing Tea – Cold Drinks – Cocktails

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This is such a versatile and exciting little flower. The blue colour that it releases when it hits liquid is wonderful!

Tea – When infused in warm to hot water, the butterfly pea flower turns the water blue so would make a very attractive hot drink. Butterfly Pea Tea is full of antioxidants and helps with inflammation.

Icing for cakes – if you soak the flowers in a little hot water and strain the flowers. Use the blue water to make naturally blue icing. If you put some lemon juice with the mixture it will turn a lovely purple colour.

Cocktails – We here at Polly’s Petals have tried mixing this petal with cold drinks and were delighted to find that it turns the liquid purple, the longer you leave the petals in, the more vivid it gets…. Very cool for cocktails!  *Top tip – add the pea flowers to your gin wait and watch it turn blue then add your mixer.*

Mocktails – Try adding a few flowers and some mint to water and see how beautiful, delicious and refreshing a drink it creates.

If you are looking for natural blue colouring we also have Blue Pea Flower Powder which is much more versatile for baking and cooking.

All our products are 100% natural and additive free.

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