Introducing Polly’s Petals Botanical Bath Infusions…natural and biodegradable bath blends in a bag that are suitable for the whole family, gentle on the environment and kind to you.   

Polly’s Petals Botanical Bath Infusions are unique blends of natural ingredients and botanicals that have been thoughtfully chosen to help promote the wellbeing of body and mind in different ways.  

For example, bathing in sea salt is said to stimulate circulation and ease achy muscles and joints, oat flakes are known for soothing and hydrating irritated skin and different botanicals are believed to have different benefits too. 

As you may know lavender is popular for calming and relaxing the mind whereas calendula is known for aiding relief from skin conditions such as eczema, insect bites and chicken pox.  The list of botanical benefits goes on so check out the whole collection for more information and find your favourite.   

Our botanical bath blends are easy to use with no mess or stress.  For a beautiful botanical bath simply add a bag while running your bath water and gently squeeze the bag to release even more goodness.  Some of the blends even release a subtle hint of colour to the water too.  Look out for Blue Lagoon, it’s a firm favourite with children and adults alike.   

If a bath isn’t your bag (pun intended!) then our Botanical Bath Infusions can be used for a foot soak instead.  Simply place the bag in a bowl of hot water (or foot spa if you have one) before popping your feet in.   

Relax, unwind and enjoy…order your Botanical Bath Infusions today!

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Polly's Petals x

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