Capturing the ultimate confetti photo is so important…here’s how to ensure you capture yours.

  1. Check with your venue is happy for you to throw confetti, if they state it must be biodegradable…check out our 100% natural and biodegradable wedding confetti.
  2. Tell your photographer you want to capture a confetti moment.  You can then discuss the location and what sort of moment you would like captured.  This could be completely natural, a romantic kiss or celebratory.
  3. Order enough confetti, industry guidelines state 1 litres is enough for 8-10 guests.
  4. Decide how you’re going to distribute your confetti, there are so many ways.  In organza bags, jute bags, confetti cones, favour boxes or you can ask a member of your wedding party to go round with a basket for guests to grab a handful.
  5. Ensure your wedding party know to get your guests in the right location and that they know if they need to hand out the confetti.
  6. Enjoy the moment.  Embrace it and don’t run, this enables your photographer to capture lots more photos.

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